New Commercial Application Available In Ubuntu Software Center

Just finished my updates and when I opened the Ubuntu Software Center what do I see?
Yes, a new application in the "For Purchase" section of the Ubuntu Software Center.

Up until last week I only saw Fluendo Dvd Player in there, but this week I can also purchase a game called Brukkon.
Its a challenging logic puzzle game that you can buy for the price of US$ 7.00.

Take a look at the app center with 2 apps available: 

And the description of Brukkon: 

The artwork of the game seems to be pretty nice after looking at some screen-shots on their website

After playing the demo, available on their website, I really wanted to see more.
So I'll probably buy this game in a few days because its worth it in my opinion.

Its nice to see that they're making it possible to purchase a few commercial applications in Ubuntu now but I would really like to see some more applications added.
This is a good start, but keep improving your game Ubuntu... 

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