Replaced Windows 7 with Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 on my brother's medion netbook

When I visited my dad and brother this week, I noticed that my brother had gotten a Medion E1222 netbook.
He told me that "it ran rather sluggish and that a number of features were locked."

Being a Linux enthusiast, I immediately proposed to replace it with Ubuntu netbook remix.
Sure enough, after watching some screen casts on Youtube, he thought it would be pretty cool to run the ubuntu netbook remix instead of that bloated Windows 7.

The install was smooth and easy enough for him to do while he's just an average pc user.
I was expecting some problems with the WIFI drivers and mouse pad but after installing all the updates and rebooting the netbook everything worked out of the box.

My brother has been working with it for a week now and I don't think he's ever going to switch to Windows again.
He says that working with Ubuntu Software Center is easier than installing applications in Windows.

It was so funny when I told him that "using a virus scanner is basically useless because there are almost no viruses for Linux" he almost couldn't believe why so many people are using Windows instead of Linux.

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